Saturday, September 20, 2014

df audio DAC1 (My DIY DAC Design)

If you've been watching the DIYaudio forums, you might have caught a glimpse of my audio DAC design - the df audio DAC1. After building the PupDAC and O2 amp, I wanted a bespoke solution that fit my needs - with the prime factors being 24/96 support and SPDIF connectivity. My PupDAC is a nice device, but albeit only supports 16/48 audio due to the PCM2707 USB receiver chip used. Also, I wanted to be able to use this DAC with both my computer system and standalone equipment like DVD players and game consoles. The  SPDIF standard supports 24/96 (actually 24/192 in my case) and is found on many electronic devices.

As mentioned earlier, the DIYaudio thread contains many posts regarding my DAC and how it was tweaked and polished with the help of their members. If you would like to go through my design process or want to ask questions, that's the place to go. This article is mainly a summary of what I did (and to save you from reading nine pages of text).

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